December 12, 2013

How egalitarians argue

How egalitarians argue about household chores:

"I am just not gifted to take out the trash."

"Your gifts line up with changing that diaper so much more than mine do."

cheesey picture of couples small group

"Fine then...let's just take that to our friends and see what they have to say."

"Well, not that this is a gender role, but you just seemed to be so much more societally socialized to fix the car then me. "

"Since you are physically stronger than me, which is a biological reality, but does not imply superior ability, you will have to haul the Christmas boxes up from the cellar."

"You just wait until I pray about this."

"I killed the spider last time! It's your turn!!!!!"

September 1, 2013

Biblical Womanhood

What if Biblical Womanhood meant to:

teach like Priscilla
mentor men like Eunice and Lois did Timothy
influence the salvation of others like Lydia
serve as a deacon like Phoebe
be an apostle like Junia
be a disciple like Mary of Bethany
lead like Deborah
evangelize like the women who met Jesus at the tomb
proclaim the good news like the Samaritan woman
have courage like Mary, the Mother of Jesus
be a worship pastor like Miriam
dedicate one's life to the church like Anna
prophesy like Philip's daughters
advocate for personal justice like Tamar
save a family line like Rahab
worship like Mary Magdalene
support the work of the church financially like Joanna and Susanna

what if???

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