March 22, 2015

Here's what I am reading--

In print
Just started A Glorious Dark by my friend A.J. Swoboda.  I am enjoying his memoir of his NPR-Oregonian upbringing in the first chapter and it's engaging me. I'll let you know.

On my kindle
I am into Wild by Cheryl Strayed for the second time.  I read this while breastfeeding my son about two years ago on a friend's kindle.  I engulfed in then, read it at a fierce pace because I was so anxious for Cheryl. I am reading it for my book club this time and taking a more leisurely pace. Either I am in a different emotional place or knowing the end of the story is changing the experience for me, but I am enjoying it even more this time, not as stressed for Cheryl, and loving the way she weaves her story on the trail with the backstory of her life. She's a great writer.

Also, into The Confidence Code by Kay & Shipman.  A research book about the differences between men and women in confidence, it's interesting, and I am hoping that it gets more practical as it goes.

One more that I am half-through on my kindle and it's my flag to my undying love of YA lit.  It's my first Ally Carter book, Heist Society.  I love anything "heist"--books and movies.  So, I'll let you know about this one.

In my ears
Love Audible.  I am tearing through Fairest:  The Lunar Chronicles: Levana's Story by Merissa Meyer. Loved, loved Cress from The Lunar Chronicles.  I listened out of order, so I haven't done Cress, it may be on my list next.

What's stacking up around your house or on your kindle or app that you are reading with your ears or eyes?

March 21, 2015

The Conspiracy of Us

Just finished listening to my latest YA novel on Audible.  I am a huge Audible fan.  It's something that has worked for me for the last two + years of my life.  The monthly fee is a little dent out of our entertainment budget ($14.95/month), but it's worth every penny to me

My latest is  The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall.  It's the first in what appears to be a series of some sort.  The Conspiracy of Us has some of the YA features that I love:  strong female heroine, action, love interest, suspense.  Girl grows up without father and with a mysterious, transient life that causes girl and her mom to move every few months. Mom calls the letters that they get requiring them to move "the mandate".  Girl is kinda willingly kidnapped and discovers that the mandate is actually part of a global world-power super-mafia conspiracy that she is intricately a part of.  What I loved was the mystery of figuring out who she is in the conspiracy.  What I didn't love is that it all takes place in less than a week and that many themes seem unbelievable because of the timeline even for YA fiction.  Girl and boy fall in Romeo-Juliet love-to-the-death love in less than a week.  But, meh, maybe that's every movie in Hollywood.

Fun listen, I'll look forward to the sequel.
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