February 8, 2017

Where you invest your love

I am time-tracking by the half-hour again.  I completed the month of January and am now solidly into February.  I enjoy this self-measurement.  It makes me very conscious of how I am spending my time.  As Mumford & Sons sing "where you invest your love, there you invest your life."  (For more inspiration on time-tracking, check out Laura Vanderkam's book, I Know How She Does It.)

How do you invest your love?
Hour by hour...or even minute by minute.

I am investing my love these days in my love-and-wrestle 4 year old boy and my sweet-and-cuddle 2 1/2 month old baby girl.  Last week I put in 43!!  hours in a mix of "family time".  Family time does consist of simple chores--like emptying the dishwasher, making soup or putting away laundry, but only includes tasks that are secondary to my primary work of keeping up with two little ones.  That's a lot of hours being with these two.  I certainly am investing my love and my life.  Lots of cuddling and nursing (SO.MUCH.NURSING!--and pumping, but that's another story) and a fair amount of Mario wii playing with the boy.

I am also investing my love in my work.  I do not usually think about it as love, but love grows in what we work at with all our hearts.  Administrating policies, handling student and personnel crisis, crafting emails and planning programs do not sound like "love", but all of it is the work of creating a community that nurtures and grows students.  This week the work is not easy and I am well aware of my need for advisors and policy to shape responses.  I remind myself that where I am investing my love, I am investing my life, so it is worth being wholehearted in both family and work.

How are you investing your love these days?  Love to hear from you!

October 1, 2016

What I'm Reading

September Edition:

In print, for my work (and heart):

We hosted Christena Cleveland last week at the University and I want to keep this conversation on race growing in my heart and mind.  Also, considering this for a faculty-staff reading group. 

In my ears:

I am such a fan of the Sarah Maas "Throne of Glass" series.  Totally, 100% hooked.  I have listened to all of them and I have thoroughly enjoyed this fantasy tale of the girl-assassin-queen.  Great for older teens and adults.  I will be sad if this is the final one!

And I just finished listening to:

If you enjoy British detective stories with humor, Rhys Bowen's Royal Spyness series is pure delight.  I have listened my way through this series and for whatever reason--I think they are a better listen than reading with your eyes. I think it is because the narrator does such an amazing job with the voices.

In print:

Upcoming baby, so here we are.

For my book club, on my kindle:

The book club is over on this book, but I still may finish it.  What an inspiring, desperate story. Beautiful and challenging. 

Just starting for the second time for the November book club:

OH MY.  THIS BOOK. AGAIN! More to come on this!

Autumn Bucket List

It's October 1st and autumn IT IS.  It has only felt like fall here in the last week and now we are into October--the best month of the year!  All the best things of fall and pumpkins and candles and coziness.  September is the transition month from summer to fall, so some of fall bucket list is already done!  This is also a different kind of fall for us with a new baby arriving the week after Thanksgiving.  December 3 is the due date, but in my mind this is a Thanksgiving-late autumn baby, not a winter-Christmas baby.  More on that to come!

But here is the Fall Bucket List:

  • Celebrate my mom's 70th birthday with a family fall retreat.  DONE!  We went as a family with my mom and dad to a cabin down by Lake Cumberland. Had a beautiful weekend, listened to the rain, experienced Cumberland Falls and played a few games.
  • Decorate the house for fall!  I am thinking plenty of mums, the autumn wreaths, candles,  and potpourri. And pumpkins on the porch!
  • Have a fire 
  • Visit a pumpkin farm
  • Carve pumpkins 
  • Watch a few soccer games (both K's and at the University)
  • Host an autumn dinner for friends
  • A fall hike with the changing leaves 
This list seems do-able!  This fall is an intense time of also working on a "baby bucket list" as well as keeping up with a very full season of work.  

What's your autumn bucket list? 

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